Ayurvedic massages

Ayurvedic massages

Tiltų str. 26 A, Klaipėda
(Entrance through Karma bar, 3rd floor)
Tel. +370 686 392 73
Email: rimantasein@yahoo.com

Working hours

I-VII 11:00-21:00

Feel the magical power of Indian massages and rituals!

The Ayurvedic massage salon situated in Friedrich‘s arcade offer a unique opportunity to saturate your organism with happiness hormones, to relax and to rest.
We know everything about the natural Indian healing system and offer to try out various Ayurvedic therapeutic procedures.
You‘ll regain spiritual harmony, get rid of toxins and energetic blocks, charge with positive energy because of the healing powers of touch, natural oils and herbal romatherapya.

A healthy and perfect life and harmony of the body and soul at the Ayurvedic massage salon is not fantasy – it‘s reality!