Friedricho priemiestisAt the junction of Memel and Dane rivers a castle of Memelburg was built and the town of Klaipeda started to develop around it. Several hundred years later quickly accommodated surrounding territories became the suburbs of the castle.

In XVI-XVII centuries the historic site of Klaipeda‘s old town where Friedrich‘s arcade is situated now was populated by soldiers and fishermen and belonged to the suburb of Ode street. At the end of XVII century the suburb developed and was named the town of Friedrich which was incorporated into the old town in 1722. Craftsmen and merchants lived in the city of Friedrich. This area was a temporary resting stop for coachmen before the long journey from the port by horse-drawn carriages hauling loads.

In XIX century this territory was occupied by tradesmen, F. H. Lepert‘s trading house operated here. Over the last century, during the post-war years, a warehouse with a sales point of various household appliances was situated here.

After Lithuania gained independence the historic past of Friedrich‘s arcade was breathed back into it and brought to new life. The various establishments that operated there were relocated, the buildings reconstructed while keeping their historic heritage and authenticity. In this way by the initiative of private capital Friedrich‘s arcade became a modern recreation, leisure and entertainment.

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