Memorable events


The first restaurant to open its doors in Friedrich’s arcade was “Steakhouse” and it became an exceptional place with the menu prepared by one of the highest quality kitchen virtuosos. The restaurant’s “nail” became a novelty at the port – the possibility to order trout or bass especially grown in the restaurant’s aquariums and prepared according to the desires of our guests.


Friedrich’s arcade was the first one to offer Klaipeda residents to join the festival of young French wine that rolls through the whole world every autumn. The festival organized for the first time with a traditional motto “Beaujolais Nouveau is here!” attracted around a thousand people who were dressed in traditional French peasant clothes and watched an impressive laser show.


The world’s economic crisis didn’t bypass Lithuania. The difficulties made people either cry or laugh. Friedrich’s arcade didn’t give into the dismal moods and offered its guests to try out dishes from the special “crisis” menu. Our guests positively and with humor evaluated the dishes for no more than 99 ct. named “Kubilius roast” or “The Parliament’s meat balls” and later offer menu with mini capelins, mini pizzas, etc.


When the economic crisis reached its peak the public divided: people overpowered by difficulties started to blame the government, each other and even foreigners for all the problems. Friedrich’s arcade reacted to the moral crisis by arranging the Russian New Year party „The Old New Year“. Even though air temperature dropped to -16 that day, hundreds of people participated in the merry-making all day long. Russian folklore ensemble show, samovars and vodka, bathing in a hot tub, circus artist’s show with a trained bear, fire show didn’t leave anyone indifferent.

2009 summer

Friedrich’s arcade started to awaken people from the crisis hibernation and offered Klaipeda residents and city guests a new summer cycle of events called “Arcade’s summer”. Visitors of the concerts of the most famous Lithuanian performers liked the cozy musical events at Friedrich’s arcade so much that “Arcade’s summer” became a traditional event happening every summer.


During the European basketball championship Friedrich’s arcade organized an even that not only presented Klaipeda, but also the whole of Lithuania, named “Georgian days”. This initiative was supported by the Georgian embassy in Lithuania, the Leader of the Georgian Parliament officially thanked Friedrich’s arcade and the event was shown by 5 Georgian TV channels.


Friedrich’s arcade invited the little Klaipeda residents to a free Sunday event organized for families named “Children’s day”. These family afternoons gained immense popularity, clowns and animal trainers performed and various games and attractions are also organized.

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