Barbershop "Prūsų Ūsai"

Barbershop "Prūsų Ūsai"

Tiltų str. 26a, Klaipėda
Phone: +370 6469 5306

Working hours

I-V 9:00-20:00
VI 9:00-17:00
VII day off

Come to barbershop "Prūsų Ūsai"

Due to the prevailing beauty standards and standards in society, a suitable image of a man is a must; therefore barbershop "Prūsų Ūsai" brings together caring men and provides not only hairstyles, beauty, beard and other facial care services, but also tattoo art and positive thinking.

It is obvious that the outside is an integral part of self-confidence, success in business and life, so we have a private comfort zone and a special atmosphere of "male sitting" that promotes greater mutual trust and psychological relaxation.